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Powerful SMTP & API functionality to better manage your email.

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Email Credits / month 40,000 credits icon Email Credits / month 100,000 Email Credits / month 300,000
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  • Web API
  • Open / Click Tracking
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  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Whitelabeling
  • Access to the Newsletter API
  • Silver features plus 200,000 email credit included
We also offer a FREE Plan for 200 Email Credits per day

About SendGrid

On average, 20% of emails never reach the inbox. At Sendgrid we provide application developers with world class deliverability expertise, ensuring your emails reach customer inboxes. Don't take our word for it, test our product by opening a Free Account. Our Free version will give you access to 200 email credits a day to evaluate the product for yourself.

Simple Integration Via SMTP Relay or Web API

Although technically not an API, SMTP is the most widely supported by web applications and is therefore, the fastest, easiest way to get started. SendGrid supports various frameworks, languages and applications so you can integrate seamlessly.

The Web API is a HTTP API which can be used to integrate SendGrid if using the SMTP Relay is not an option. This may be because your SMTP mail ports are being blocked. The Web API sends SMTP via HTTP, bypassing blocks and ensuring your email gets through.

“We’re now enjoying email delivery rates of 96% and have saved thousands of dollars in engineering resources.” Ryan Park, Operations Engineer at Pinterest
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