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[Live Demo] Getting Started With SendGrid

From Signup to Your First Send

Date: December 10th
Time: 1 PM ET
Duration: 30 Min
Hosts: Ashley Rohweder

"SendGrid is a must have for every SaaS app. When contemplating whether to 'build or buy,' consider SendGrid."


Setting up transactional email infrastructure, and hitting “send” on your first few emails can be difficult. How do you land in the inbox? What will your email look like to each of your recipients? How do you stay in the good graces of the ISPs? Luckily, SendGrid is here to answer your questions!

Join Ashley Rohweder, Customer Success Associate, in her step-by-step demonstration of setting up your SendGrid account, and the deliverability advice you’ll need to be successful.

In this upcoming live demo, you’ll learn:

  • How to take advantage of SendGrid’s email deliverability tools
  • All the features and apps included in your SendGrid account
  • The steps to take before sending your first emails through SendGrid
  • Best practices for a world-class email program

  • During the presentation we will host a live Q&A chat, so bring your email deliverability questions for our experts to answer!