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Webcast: Your Toughest Email Infrastructure Questions Answered

Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Ken Apple and Carly Brantz

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Of all the major headaches in the world of email, maintaining your own email infrastructure may be the biggest. One wrong step could get your IPs blacklisted or leave your infrastructure vulnerable to phishing attacks. Join email experts Ken Apple and Carly Brantz as they answer your toughest email infrastructure questions to help you keep your emails flowing to the inbox.

Presenter Information

Ken Apple
Ken Apple is responsible for Technical Services at SendGrid and utilizes his customer facing position in conjunction with his marketing and computer science degrees to help customers get the maximum business benefit from the SendGrid email technology. Outside work, Ken is always running – if not running to keep fit he is running to keep up with his three teenagers.
Carly Brantz
Carly Brantz is a veteran in the email deliverability space working to make email simple and easy for developers. She manages the Inbound Marketing group at SendGrid that is responsible for creating demand through innovative marketing programs and developing engaging content. Outside of work, Carly is a mom to two little girls, loves yoga, reading and the Denver Broncos.