The Essential Guide to Email for Media and Publishing

To help media and publishing companies gain insight into the world of email in their industry, we looked at billions of messages we sent on behalf of our customers, and asked some companies in the industry to provide us with their insights. This guide is designed to help media publishing companies learn how to leverage email for success and determine what changes they should make to improve email performance.

What's inside the guide?

  • Average Industry Benchmarks - Compare your email program’s statistics to the industry averages so that you can tell if you’re emails are working the way they should.
  • Delivery Best Practices - Curated specifically for media and publishing senders, you can learn how to increase recipient engagement and improve the overall effectiveness of your messages.
  • Sender Spotlights - Learn more about the other companies in the media publishing industry that are driving engagement and revenue by sending email through SendGrid.  
  • Changes to Consider - If you’re the email program manager at your company, this guide will give you advice on what you can tweak so your recipients are more engaged with your messages.

The SendGrid Difference

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Proven Deliverability

We invest in a team of deliverability experts to optimize inbox delivery on behalf of our customers.
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Scale with Confidence

Our world-class email platform sends more than 30 billion emails per month.
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24/7 Global Support

Have questions? Our support team is available 24/7/365, and our self-support materials are always available.