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Accepting Incoming Email to Rails Apps via SendGrid's Parse API

Date: Tues. May 7th
Time: 3:00PM EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Swift, Developer Evangelist, SendGrid and Caleb Thompson, Software Engineer, thoughbot

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For all the likes, shares, tweets, pokes, follows, and friends, there's a fundamental core to the internet that will never go away - email. Ruby on Rails makes it easy to send email using ActionMailer, but receiving and parsing email in your app can still be a huge pain. Enter Griddler - a Rails engine by thoughtbot that makes it super simple to receive email in your application using SendGrid's Inbound Parse Webhook. In this webinar, thoughtbot and SendGrid will show you how to set up Griddler in your Rails app, explain the Inbound Parse Webhook, and answer all your burning questions about incoming email. By the time the workshop is over, you'll be receiving email in your Rails app like a pro!

Presenter Information

Meet Swift, developer evangelist at-large for SendGrid and home-grown New York hacker. As a lifelong developer hiimself, Swift has made it his personal mission to enable developers by helping them get the tools and resources they need to make awesome, creative stuff. Swift is also one of the founders of Hacker League, the platform for hackathons, a fomer engineer at Crowdtap, and an alumni of Rutgers University.
Caleb Thompson
Caleb has been a software engineer for four years, with experience in x86 Assembly, Java, C++, C#, and Ruby on Rails. He has braved the wintry tundra of Alaska and the harsh deserts of Arizona where he earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Software Engineering from the University of Advancing Technology. He has killed a bear and wore its pelt. He enjoys fine wines, craft beers, and punching comets.