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Deciding whether you should build and manage an email infrastructure in-house or outsource it to an email service provider (ESP) can be difficult. SendGrid’s Email Infrastructure Guide will walk you through the build vs. buy decision. We cover deliverability, scalability, support, cost, and other considerations that you’ll have to keep in mind. Make sure you set up your email correctly, and you’ll have a better chance of getting your messages to the inbox.

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What's inside the guide?

  • An introduction from one of SendGrid’s founders about the importance of your email infrastructure
  • The top factors to consider when making the build vs. buy decision
  • Steps for setting up your email infrastructure the right way

The SendGrid Difference

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Proven Deliverability

We invest in a team of deliverability experts to optimize inbox delivery on behalf of our customers.
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Scale with Confidence

Our world-class email platform sends more than 40 billion emails per month.
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24/7 Global Support

Have questions? Our support team is available 24/7/365, and our self-support materials are always available.