Be an Email Switch Hitter

Inside SendGrid's Parse Webhook

Duration: 45 Minutes

Hosts: Adam DuVander and Kunal Batra 

Everybody sends email, but very few applications receive it. Learn how to make your email a home run by accepting replies from your users. In this webcast, you’ll learn how to use the Incoming Parse Webhook, which easily funnels inbound email into your application. Adam DuVander and Kunal Batra, will share common use cases for incoming email, such as social, customer support, and content management. 

Don’t strike out by just using email like everybody else! See production examples from real SendGrid customers and creative sample apps that ensure your emails are a hit from both sides of the plate.

Presenter Information

Adam DuVander

Adam DuVander helps developers be productive and creative as Director of Developer Relations for database API Orchestrate. Previously he wrote technical content at SendGrid, Wired and API resource ProgrammableWeb.

Kunal Batra

Meet Kunal, Developer Evangelist at-large for SendGrid and home-grown New Jersey hacker. Since March 2013, Kunal has been working as a Developer Evangelist at SendGrid, helping enable developers to get the tools and resources they need to make awesome, creative stuff.