Highway to Hell

Top 7 Fastest Ways to Land in the Email Underworld

Duration: 1 Hour

Hosts: Katie Nelson and Ali Frusciano

Believe it or not, the worst thing that can happen to your email program isn't ending up in the SPAM folder. There is an entire email underworld filled with blacklists, spam traps, hackers, and phishers that can doom even the most well intentioned email program. Join SendGrid's email experts Ali Frusciano and Katie Nelson as they take you down the top 7 fastest roads to email hell, and back!

This webcast will:

  • Present real-life stories of email programs gone awry
  • Uncover the most devestating pitfalls to avoid
  • Give advice on how to get your email program back on track
  • Prepare you to respond at the first sign of trouble
  • And more!

Presenter Information

Ali Frusciano

Ali Frusciano is Manager of SendGrid's Technical Account Managers. She has been at SendGrid since October 2011 helping high volume customers manage their email deliverability challenges. In her spare time she loves hanging with her husband and 3 dogs and exploring the Colorado outdoors.

Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson is the Manager of Customer Success at SendGrid. She has been with SendGrid for four years now; counseling our high volume customers on email practices. When she's not working away she's exploring the neighborhoods of Denver and cooking it up in the kitchen!