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[Webcast] ISPs Like It Hot: How to Warm Up an IP

Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Katie Nelson and Aku Desai

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An IP address is how the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other mailbox providers identify legitimate mail senders. A new IP address doesn’t have a reputation score since mail hasn’t been sent from it yet and is therefore considered “cold.” So how do you successfully get inboxed with a cold IP with zero reputation? The answer is…warm it up! Our Sr TAMS will share why it's important, who needs to do it, their expert tips, and answer any questions you may have. Bonus: We'll be choosing three lucky attendees as winners for a SendGrid swag pack. Join us!

Presenter Information

Katie Nelson
Katie Nelson is a Sr Technical Account Manager at SendGrid. She has been with SendGrid for 2 years now; counseling our high volume customers on email practices. When she’s not working away she’s exploring the neighborhoods of Denver and cooking it up in the kitchen!
Aku Desai
Aku has been with SendGrid close to a year now and has loved every minute of it. As a Sr Technical Account Manager Aku finds it rewarding to help our high volume customers find their email deliverability sweet spot. Aside from work he enjoys catching up on the latest Buff news (he's a proud alum), catching big fish on a fly rod, and making epic drives off that tee box.