Successfully Scaling Email

How Commissions Inc. leverages SendGrid's infrastructure to support their record setting growth

Duration: 30 Minutes

Hosts: Brian O'Neal and Matthew Swanson

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Throughout this live customer session learn about...

  • How does Commissions Inc. leverage email to engage and connect their users?
  • What challenges has the company faced around email?
  • What were the driving KPIs that led them to SendGrid?
  • Why is SendGrid critical to their success and scaling growth?
  • What's next for Commissions Inc.?

Commissions Inc. was founded on the encouragement of some of the nation's top brokers and mega-team leaders in order to address gaping holes in real estate technology. The goal was simple: eliminate the need for duplicate technologies and build a platform that could take brokers to the next level while realizing technology cost savings, administrative savings, and getting brokers to the closing table more often and cheaper than before. 

Presenter Information

Brian O'Neal - Commissions Inc. Chief Technology Officer

Brian joined Commissions Inc. in December 2010 to oversee Technology Operations. Prior to Commissions Inc, Brian was lead software architect and senior application developer at CDC Software and

Matthew Swanson - Commissions Inc. Chief Software Architect

Matthew Swanson joined Commissions Inc.. in December 2010 as Chief Software Architect. Before joining Commissions Inc. he was the CTO at HBN Interactive. Prior to HBN, Matthew was the Director of Marketing Technologies at, where he served for over eight years.