Understanding the API Economy

How Your Business Can Benefit from APIs

Duration: 1 Hour

Hosts: Randy Heffner and Adam DuVander

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One of today's hottest technology trends is around the rise of the API economy. The growth in the number of available APIs is enabling application developers with unprecedented opportunities to access new services and platforms to rapidly create new economic opportunities. But not all APIs are created equal. Despite increasing API availability, there are still challenges that need to be considered before deciding to use one.

In this webinar, guest speaker, Randy Heffner from Forrester Research, Inc., will describe the emerging API economy and what is driving its growth. He will also outline a strategy to help you better decide how and when to use APIs to create scalable solutions to quickly address today's market problems. Adam DuVander from SendGrid will then discuss successful business platforms that leverage APIs, including the SendGrid email deliverability platform, and the numerous APIs that developers can take advantage of.

Presenter Information

Randy Heffner

Randy is a leading expert on architectures and design approaches for building enterprise applications. For 13 years, Randy has been a driving force for Forrester's research on application architecture trends, concepts, patterns, and best practices.

Adam DuVander

Adam DuVander speaks fluent "developer" while serving as SendGrid’s Developer Communications Director. He helps SendGrid connect to coders of all stripes. Previously Adam wrote for Wired, Webmonkey and edited ProgrammableWeb, the leading resource for APIs.