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Webcast: Ask an Expert! Getting Started with Email Deliverability

Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Corey Good & Danny Randa

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In response to the demand for a better introduction to email deliverability, we are adding an additional webcast that will provide a comprehensive overview of email deliverability as well as the opportunity to get your questions answered with a real live expert. Instead of just putting this content in our resources section for on-demand access, we will be holding this webcast monthly in addition to our current webcast series to give people the opportunity to get their questions answered as they start to tackle their email deliverability challenges.

Presenter Information

Corey Good
Corey has been working with SendGrid’s Compliance team for the last five months, learning the ins and outs of good deliverability practices. He has recently been focusing on SendGrid’s customers who use shared IP clusters to help keep those shared IPs in good standings. He is also a part-time developer, working with the Support Incubator group to create tools to make the Support team’s job easier. Outside of work, Corey is an avid rock climber, ultimate frisbee player, skier, and he enjoys brewing beer.
Danny Randa
After three years managing interactive marketing campaigns for Nickelodeon, Danny moved to Denver and completed an MBA at the Leeds School of Business. He now spends his time helping marketers and developers solve their email deliverability challenges. Danny can often be found trying to keep up with his adventurous wife and two wheaten terriers.