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Webcast: How To Get Your Email Marketing Off the Ground

Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Ken Apple and Jesse McCabe

"SendGrid is a must have for every SaaS app. When contemplating whether to 'build or buy,' consider SendGrid."


Are you seeing a 4,000% return on investment with your email program? If not, your program is achieving below average performance. SendGrid email experts Ken Apple and Jesse McCabe give you all the tools you need to breathe life into your transactional and marketing email campaigns in a free webcast.

Get the tools to:

  • Create cost effective transactional and marketing email programs
  • Get your emails delivered to the inbox
  • Analyze the performance of your programs
  • Scale your program to meet the needs of your growing business

Presenter Information

Jesse McCabe
Jesse McCabe has over 13 years experience working with emerging Internet, security and email technologies. As the Director of Product Marketing at SendGrid, Jesse is responsible for defining, positioning, and driving market adoption of SendGrid's industry leading email deliverability products.
Ken Apple
Ken Apple is responsible for Technical Services at SendGrid and utilizes his customer facing position in conjunction with his marketing and computer science degrees to help customers get the maximum business benefit from the SendGrid email technology. Outside work, Ken is always running - if not to keep fit he is running to keep up with his three teenagers.