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Webcast: Shades of Gray – Incorporating Marketing Into Transactional Email

Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): Carly Brantz & Brian O'Neill

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Transactional email is one of the most engaging communication channels, yet many companies fail to take advantage of its potential. With the CAN-SPAM act and deliverability concerns, many companies are afraid to incorporate marketing into their transactional messages. Carly Brantz and Brian O’Neill broke down ways to increase ROI and engagement with your customers through discrete marketing in your transactional email.

Presenter Information

Carly Brantz
Carly is a veteran in the email deliverability space working to make email simple and easy for developers. She manages the Inbound Marketing group at SendGrid that is responsible for creating demand through innovative marketing programs and developing engaging content. Outside of work, Carly is a mom to two little girls, loves yoga, reading and the Denver Broncos.
Brian O'Neill
Brian has spent the last 12 years working on email marketing products in various roles; from developer to product manager. The last 4 years were spent building an email marketing and notification platform for a large public company’s event management software. At SendGrid, Brian is the Product Manger for the transactional service and is building out a product management team. Brian likes running, hiking 14ers, snowboarding, cooking and hanging out with his kids and dog when not working.