The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing is so common that it’s easy to take for granted or think it’s easy to master. The fact is, just because you know what email marketing is, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful at it. The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing taps into the experience and knowledge of email marketing professionals that send messages to millions of recipients. Learn about their success and what they keep in mind before hitting send.

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What's inside the guide?

  • 5 different sections covering subject lines, calls to action, images, segmentation, and content.

  • Advice on what you should concentrate on with your email program.

  • Tips for improving your email program from experts with years of experience.

The SendGrid Difference

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Proven Deliverability

We invest in a team of deliverability experts to optimize inbox delivery on behalf of our customers.
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Scale with Confidence

Our world-class email platform sends more than 40 billion emails per month.
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24/7 Global Support

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